PACKAGING SOLUTIONS highlights the quality of Packlar range.

The prestigious British publication PACKAGING SOLUTIONS, a reference in the packaging and luxury packaging sector in the UK, has dedicated an article on CLARIANA and his Packlar range in its October release. In this article, the magazine highlights the quality, versatility and exclusivity that Packlar offers its clients within the sector, allowing it to work with companies recognized worldwide in the luxury and fashion sector, such as PRADA, TIFFANY’S or BROOKS BROTHERS among others.

PACKAGING SOLUTIONS praises the quality of the Packlar Light line, the fine weight of the brand (from 28gr to 45gr), which can be customized in any color requested by the customer; and the intensity, design and luxury offered by the new Premium Black, the new black that CLARIANA has developed and, as its name suggests, it is directed to applications of high range like luxury boxes and bags, labels or covers for bookbinding of books or agendas.

The publication of this article in the magazine PACKAGING SOLUTIONS shows that the still young brand Packlar is gradually positioning itself and making a name within the sector of packaging and luxury packaging


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