Packlar is a premium colour paper especially adapted to be used in the manufacture of prestigious cases and packaging.  It is suitable for all types of handling (folding, microwaving, embossing, dry stamping, die-cutting, shaping, etc.), it is available in 120, 160, 240 and 350 gr, and have the possibility of reaching up to 500gr on request.

Clariana can offer the Packlar range using alternatives for wooden fibres.  Packlar is available with compositions made of annual crops such as Hemp.  Our engineers are prepared to discuss alternative fibre compositions.

clariana lux


Clariana offers within the Packlar range a light version, these thin tissue colour paper provide the luxury finish to the most demanding packaging products.  Packlar light is available in 27g and 30g, and the colour range of Packlar light is wide as the rainbow with the possibility of offering colours designed to imitate corporate colours of prestigious brands.

clariana lux pack

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