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About Us

Clariana’s mission is to provide the professional market of converters, printers and distributors of paper and paperboard of any color of the visible spectrum, from violet to red, in any grammage between 30 and 250 g / m2, that better Adapts to the needs of the client in each case.

Clariana also has the vision of becoming the reference manufacturer of multi-purpose color paper and paperboard in Southern Europe, with the ability to propose and serve its clients new roles, with new functionalities, that allow them to develop their Business projects in dynamic niche markets.

The values ​​that have always been part of the culture and philosophy of Clariana have to do with respect for people, the environment and laws; With seriousness when conducting their business; With a customer service orientation, pursuing the level of service was a plus for our customers; With the concept of total quality that encompasses the products and services offered, as well as the organization that generates them; With innovation as a state of mind of the organization that leads to constantly questioning about best practices and venturing into the development of new products and services adapted to the changing environment of our profession.

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